chrome hearts

Fans Amway 19 love edge Park

ring ck at your face,
only one eye,
the trials of a long journey,
only one eye,
from the sky to earth,
only one eye,
will never change.
Reading notes,
I want to tell the whole world loudly,
Pu Canlie,
I like you.
Time flies,
the ever-changing world Time flies like a shuttle.
the only change is to keep,
and you do not know the so-called attachment.
In 2012 the summer is not forgotten in my memory because the young figure over your chapter,
Because my character is too quiet,
I dont want to say more with this word instead,
so seldom communicate with others,
especially rarely love sb,
Aaron Yan is the first special,
and you are the first one accident.
At first,
think you and Aaron Yan in the group should be the same type,
are the kind of good feeling with his brother next door to you,
the more attention you will find there are too many do not like too much,
but I love you more and more.
You always say that you are happy virus,
I hope to bring teammates and fans happy,
but a few times ina

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