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150 times about the knight spirit in complete victory in the era of the wilderness

ring 15 billion 300 million yuan turnover,
this is phoenix finance to the industry to hand over the latest transcripts.
On the scale,
this volume is not unicorn,
but its speed of development is definitely the best in the industry.
And Phoenix Financial strong upward momentum in stark contrast,
the overall development of the Internet industry is increasingly weak.
According to the net loan home disclosure of the data,
as of the end of April 2016,
the number of Internet financial platform for 2431,
the total turnover of the first four months of this year was 522 billion 897 million yuan,
an average of only 215 million,
part of the platform of the volume is even 0.
In the background of the development of the whole industry development course of lumpy,
thin back Phoenix finance,
you will find that this is a reverse surge high and sweep forward war,
is a complete victory of chivalry in the era of the wilderness.
Was born in troubled times contrarian growth time back to the end of 2014,
after nearly two

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